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Hi! I'm Shreya


A UX / Product Designer based in Toronto, Ontario currently looking for full-time roles.

In our world, people come first – my passion lies in designing a well-thought-out product experience that brings a positive impact to people's lives.

My previous background as an Interior Designer has honed my abilities in design, analysis & iteration which has helped me advocate for the user while coming up with creative solutions.

What got to me to UX?
Craving creative freedom made me take the bold step of moving from the physical environment as an Interior Designer to the digital world. I wanted my work to be more research-driven and human-centric, and UX Design was the perfect fit. While my career path changed, I still share the passion to connect people with their environment,  just through a different medium.


What motivates me?
I feel motivated when I am solving new challenges with an energetic team. Cross-collaboration and constant learning with my fellow designers, product managers, and developers empower me. I feel content when my designs come to life and simplify day-to-day tasks for people.

When I'm not working
I keep myself busy working on DIY projects, cooking, hiking, or traveling.

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